Utopia by L.J. Higgins

The following is the description that I read to spark an interest in Utopia.

“In a single moment, Aurora’s life is forever changed…

The floating city Utopia, is all sixteen-year-old Aurora has ever known. Along with three other cities, it is home to the only survivors of the cataclysmic events that ended life on Earth sixteen years ago.

After witnessing her mother’s gruesome murder, Aurora finds herself on the run from the very people who are meant to protect her. With the help of her best friend, Fletcher, Aurora must find the truth behind her mother’s execution and why she is being hunted.

Someone wants the facts to remain hidden, but Aurora won’t stop until each hurtful truth is revealed. When her search takes an unexpected turn, nothing can prepare her for the answers that prove her entire existence has been built on a lie.

Will the truth set her free?”

Utopia is another first in a series book. This one was new to me though. It’s a futuristic sci-fi book. The book follows the story of Aurora, 16 years old and living on Utopia. Aurora’s birthday takes an unexpected turn and leads to her running for her life. Secrets are revealed, and Aurora is no longer sure what the truth is, or how much of her life has been a lie.

The first thing I’m going to say is that this book is definitely full of suspenseful moments. There’s fighting, breaking into and out of places, and more. So, if you like a good action filled book, Utopia is totally for you.

Now, as for what I am taking away from this book? Family isn’t always who you’re actually related to. Sometimes families choose each other and sometimes you honestly just get lucky and end up with the people you need in life. Maybe that’s not really the whole idea behind the book, but I’m seeing that theme coming up in it.

Other things to think about if you are considering reading Utopia? It is the first of a series, so L.J. Higgins does some impressive world building and creating something that allows you to imagine a whole new way of life. I can imagine it will continue to build throughout the next three books, which I definitely plan to give a chance to. Let me know if you give Utopia and Aurora’s story a chance too. I’ll be looking forward to picking up book two in a few weeks!

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