Australian Women Writers Challenge

Well, here goes nothing! I have recently been introduced to the Australian Women Writers Challenge and am going to try it for the first time for 2019.

What does that mean? I’ll be reading books by women from Australia along with my normal reading. Since this whole thing is new to me, blogging and the challenge… I’m starting by signing up to read 10 books and review 6 of them over the year. I hope to go beyond that number, but want to give myself something more achievable to start.

I’m planning to start with a few books I’ve already read in the past, but, I’ll be reading them again with reviewer’s eyes instead of just entertainment eyes. Book one for me will be Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody. Mostly because Isobelle Carmody is the reason I first read any Australian novel.

After that, I have a few ideas, but to be safe, we’ll just see where this adventure takes me and you as you follow my journey.

I’d also like to thank the Book Muse for introducing me to this challenge and convincing me to start a blog to go with it. If this goes wrong, it’s totally her fault!! See you soon!

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